Overdyed and Patchwork Rugs

March 04, 2016

Overdyed and Patchwork Rugs

Overdyed and Patchwork Rugs

Everyone wants to have a beautiful home and part of having that beautiful home is decorating it in your ideal style. That could mean looking through magazine after magazine and book after book to figure out the perfect accent pieces, or it could simply mean getting a beautiful rug to look beautiful in the center of your room.

Of course, you don't want just any rug in your home and that's why these overdyed and patchwork rugs are the perfect thing. No matter what style your house is decorated in already, the most important thing is matching that style and with these authentic Turkish rugs you won't have any problem doing just that.

About Our Rugs

These rugs are made using distressed and vintage rugs that are handmade in Turkey. Those rugs may be all cut from one specific rug so that they match all the way through, or they may be pieced together to create a patchwork variety that lends a different type of style to your room. The great thing about both is that you still get the distressed and vintage style that fits well with any room and any color scheme.

The reason you can always find a pattern and color that fits your needs is because we offer several different styles and looks just for that purpose. We know that everyone loves the perfect vintage piece to set off their style and so these rugs can be found in light, pastel colors for those that want a more muted look or in bold and vibrant colors to attract attention. Looking for something simple? Not a problem because you can get muted patterns in any color. Want something that expresses your individuality? Some of these patchwork styles feature bold prints and patterns as well as colors.

An overdyed rug is made by taking an older, vintage style rug and washing it thoroughly to get rid of the excess dyes and colors (as well as any dirt or contaminants). Once it's been washed once they get washed again and again to get the muted look that comes with some of the even more vintage styles of these rugs. Of course, if you're looking for something more unique you may be looking for the overdyed styles instead, there's a little different process to creating the perfect rug that you're going to love in your home.

An overdyed rug is still washed to get rid of all the excess dye. You don't want it all coming out later after all. Then the rug is dyed and washed again and again to get all the dyes and colors strong and beautiful throughout the rug. You're going to get the right look and you'll definitely have something special when it's all done. The rugs are dyed and washed so that they get rid of the excess dye because you don't want to have the dye coming out when you've got the rug in your home. So we make sure it's done before you get it at all.

Finally, the rugs are sheared and dried under the sun to make them beautiful and unique and ready to sell. If you're looking for patchwork rugs they can then be pieced together with other rugs that are prepared the same way and will be sewn together to create exactly what you're looking for. If you're looking for a patchwork rug it's going to be made with all the same quality that any of the other rugs are made with because we know that quality and style are going to be extremely important to you and your family.

Where to Use an Overdyed or Patchwork Rug

The great thing about rugs is that they can actually be used in nearly any room of your house. Because they come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes, you can get one for every room of the house if you want and your guests will absolutely love it because they are not only beautiful to look at but soft to walk over as well. That makes them the perfect place to step when you're just getting up in the morning or sitting down at the table in the morning.

If you're looking for something to improve the look and style of your living room these rugs can be great because they are bold and vibrant. You can get a large rug to cover the entire living room floor, something small to go by the TV or even a couple rugs to place throughout the room. With bold and bright colors you'll get the accent that your living room needs and you'll never have to worry about your friends and family having something to talk about when they come to visit you because these rugs are a great talking piece.

Need something a little calmer for your bedroom? We can get you just what you need. Whether you're looking for something large to fill the entire room or you're looking for something small that will sit by the side of your bed, you'll be able to find it. The great thing is you can get some soft and simple styles that are going to help you relax and stay calm during your relaxation time. It's going to make for a great style and something that you love looking at before bed and first thing in the morning.

In the entry-way or in your kitchen you can use these rugs to welcome people in. They are the perfect thing for someone to see when they first set foot in your house and they'll look great wherever you would normally put a rug out. Whether you want one right in front of your doors or in front of the sink or even under the dining room table, you're going to have plenty of places that these rugs will look amazing. Even better, they're going to have the look that you've been thinking of for each of the rooms.

Make Your House a Home

Dressing up your home is going to be easier than ever with these rugs. That's because they do anything and everything you could possibly want and because there are so many options you won't have to decide between your current style and a great quality rug. If you ever get tired of the ones you have, don't worry about it because there will always be more to choose from. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find plenty and that's great because we're here to help as many people as possible decorate their home to look its best.

What's really great about these rugs is that they are each made entirely by hand because that means each one is completely unique. No two rugs will ever look exactly the same because you don't get a machine made product and isn't that exactly what you want? Even if your friends and family all order our overdyed and patchwork rugs they will never look exactly the same way that yours will. The unique look and style means it's great for any of your interior decorating needs and everyone who sees them will agree.

All you need to do is check out our website and you'll be able to find the perfect rugs for every single room in your house. When you start checking out the options you may even be tempted to change your style just so you can use more of the great rug options that we have to offer. The process of making each rug is special and will give you a great story to tell everyone when you start showing off these rugs all over the house. So check out more about how they're made and make sure you check out what they can do for you.

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