Unique Rug Store offers your home and office thousands of the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles of Hand knotted Wool Rugs, Vintages, Overdyed Vintages, Patchworks, Overdyed Patchworks, Anatolian Rugs, Karabakh Floral Rugs, Kilim Chaputs.Your unique rug will quickly become a standout piece of décor and conversation starter for many years to come. Each rug is truly unique.

Using ancient Turkish techniques, our rugs are fashioned from original handmade and organically dyed wool and cotton blend vintage Turkish rugs. The edges are the hand-sewn and we are responsible for the shaving, bleaching, coloring, over-dying, and drying of our reworked rugs. We soak all of our rugs in pools of boiling water with only TÜV approved textile dyes so you can rest assure they are of the highest and safest quality.



Our Heritage rugs are inspired by tradition, bringing complex and detailed designs to life with rich, stunning colors. These are Turkish rugs aged between 50 and 60 years, which are then delicately color-neutralized before being overdyed with stunning new pigment. These Turkish rugs are relics of old culture and yet fit perfectly in both traditional and contemporary spaces. They are one-of-a-kind, and you will not find two that are alike.

Full of medallion designs and authentic motifs, the intricacy and detail of these rugs showcase their individuality and are an homage to their rich history. Their quality is authentic and made of 100% wool. They are hand-knotted by Turkish artisans, and their reconditioning has kept their quality from being tarnished. Explore the beauty and explosive detail in our timeless Heritage collection.


As it is known, hand-made carpets were woven in all parts of Anatolia in the past. Especially in nomad villages, individuals in migrant towns spun the fleece they cut from little cows by hand and transformed them into yarn. Even though some themes belong to a region, improvised patterns are found on many rugs. Many rugs have the signature or name of the weaver. A woman whose husband did not return from the military weaves a rug of meters in length or finishes the pattern at the end of the rug and wants to describe everything in life is not very symmetrical and straight. Rug weaving was not only a source of income and an occupation for the people of that period, but also a kind of therapy method.

Rug weaving started to increase in Anatolia since the foundation of the Republic. Especially with the carpet weaving factory established in Isparta in the 1950s, hand-woven rug weaving lived its golden age. During this period, hundreds of thousands of rugs were woven from Isparta and its surroundings. In the 1980s, with the accelerated rural-to-city migration and the increase in mechanization, hand-woven rug production diminished extensively. The smaller houses in metropolitan cities reduced the demand for old large and heavy woolrugs. Moreover, traditional Turkish rugs knot can only be woven with fine fingers. Contrasted with the earlier years, weaving has gone to its last point with the nonattendance of people who can remain at home and weave rugs.

Developing fashion and industrialization has shown itself in the field of decoration as in every field. People have started to pay attention to colors and patterns in home decoration and to renew decorations more frequently within their budgets. As of 2010, Apex started to collect old hand-woven rugs from all over Anatolia and metropolitan cities. These collected rugs were treated such as shaving, washing, powder closet, sunbathing, bleaching, and dyeing, and they have been started to achieve their new identities. We shaked up conventions and create connections between traditional and contemporary designs. The result is the 50year old heritage Turkish rugs have been turned into modern Vintage style.

Not every age old rugs could be subjected to thistransformation. Many factors such as the condition of the rugs, weaving or thethreads used in its weaving need to be considered. The long hairs on thesurface are shaved, and the cream-colored cotton warps on the floor becomelighter and a natural aging air is obtained.

Some of our vintages are in original colors. Some ofthem just have been dried under the sun after shaving and washing, and some ofthem were colored after shaving and washing. This vintages which are dyed incolors that are up to date and suitable for decoration fashion. You take themto your place in homes with their experiences and stories. Unmatched, but asimilar one is possible. Vintage rugs are especially dyed in popular colorssuch as gray, turquoise, ice blue and aqua green. You can also find neon colorslike fuchsia, green, and pink.

Damaged carpets, which are too defective to berepaired, are cut from vintage rugs and hand-stitched to make patchwork rugs.Also, more colorful models of vintage rugs produced in the 1960s and 1970s arecalled Retro rugs. As long as the color and pattern harmony is provided, itwill look stylish in all places. Vintage rugs do not show dirt and dust becausethey are worn. These features are also suitable for use in any offices as well.

There is also a false impression about vintage rugprices. Some people might think that these rugs should be very affordablebecause they are already old. However, the fact is that the prices of the new fashionablevintages are mainly determined by the processes. However, the prices are quiteaffordable compared to the new hand woven imported rugs. Unique Rug Store has awide range of products for worn vintage rugs. If you want to keep this fashionalive in your home or office, you should choose the appropriate color rugs fromour Vintage rugs.


Our patchworks are fashioned from patches of 50 to 80year old antique Turkish rugs. These rugs have been cut into smaller pieces andsewn all pieces together by hands to create new designs and sizes. Ourpatchworks come in a wide range of colors and sizes. Someof the patchworks are withered in the sun. Some carpets are dyed again inpopular colors. Our plain colored patchwork rugs are dyed, our natural coloredpatchwork rugs are the original colors of the rugs. We can also produce customizedsizes if you require specific dimensions. The colors and designs have beenspecially chosen to produce a harmonic blend. The backside of the rug is cottonfabric. We overdyed the rugs with vibrant tones for a modern twist.In conclusion, recycling just took a beautiful new turns for your house andoffice decorations.


Own a timeless piece of history with our naturalAnatolium Oushak rug collection. These one-of-a-kind rugs began production inthe ancient city of Uşak, Turkey. Relics of the Ottoman Empire, our own Anatoliumrugs have been aged between 60 and 80 years. They are laid under the sun for2-3 months to achieve a distinct faded appearance, and then overdyed withgorgeous earth tones. For an infusion of classical heritage in your home,explore our Anatolium collection.

Nothing can give your space more elegance than anOushak rug. These rugs are steeped in tradition and historical value. Turkishrugs are renowned for their everlasting quality and stunning textures. Madewith 100% wool pile, these rugs are hand-knotted and overdyed for yourenjoyment. Medallion designs and distinctive color palettes make these Anatoliumrugs a staple for your home.


Hand-woven tapestries bloom with floral impressions inour Karabakh Rose Kilim collection. These lightweight rugs add timelesselegance to your space as throws, accent coverings, and even hanging décor.Rich in history, these loom-woven rugs originated in the Moldavian region. OurKarabakh Rose Kilim collection is rare and exotic, full of texture andpreserved over decades.

Kilims can add gorgeous style to both traditional andmodern spaces. Rose motifs decorate our floral Kilim collection, blooming withdozens of vibrant and pigmented colors. These rugs are sure to garner plenty ofcompliments from friends and family, as they are highly unique and rare to comeacross. Our Rose Kilim collection will add color, vibrancy, and beauty to yourspace.


These collections’ woven works of art were crafted byskilled artisans in Turkey. Our chaputs are produced from 30 to 70 year oldTurkish Kilims. Lightly restored to preserve their distinct patina afterdecades of gentle aging, each chaput kilims retains its old-world charm andunique character. Handpicked for their exquisite Anatolian artwork, our woolkilims are truly one of a kind. There are something irresistible about a Kilimis that was woven many years ago. The colors have slightly faded and the woolhas softened. A Kilim is a unique style of flat tapestry-woven rugs madepopular during the Ottoman era. Using a special technique when weaving, we'reable to give the carpet a thinner and cover-like quality. The backside is madefrom cotton fabric. They are just unique and exotic.