Zeki muren vintage rugs"Dama" means checked in Turkish which is the main pattern featured in the Damali Rugs Collection. This style was created by Zeki Müren (1931-1996), a famous Turkish artist, active in fields ranging from classical and contemporary music, to poetry and acting. From 1950 to 1953, he studied Decorative Arts at Istanbul's Fine Arts Academy. Soon after, he designed a group of decorative patterns in a 'neo-Baroque' style which were then woven as one-off carpets. Muren challenged the standards of his contemporaries. He created a collection of pieces for the home, in which bright colors, bold geometric patterns, and decorative prints came alive.

Turkish weavers, in turn, began to stray away from the traditional “Sparta rug” of the time, and began imitating Müren’s modern and unusual style in their pieces. This combination of Müren’s dazzling aesthetic and the opulent, edgy feel of the Art Deco style, converge in the Damali Rugs Collection.